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e whole process the "CDS experiment," which track changes to our bodies while we are in orbit.The CDS device features an electrocardiograph (E▓CG) wire that has four leads attached to our bodies. It measures things like our heart rate and blood pressure. The device that me▓asures our blood pressure is put onto ▓our arms just like how a ground-based doctor would measu▓re a patient

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IILife in space captured on Tiango

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's blood pressure. In addition, there is a sensor used to measure respiration. It is wrapped in a black bag, and we hang it from our necks to▓ measure our chest breathing and belly ▓breathing.There is also another, fairly-curious, inst▓rument, which I am sure many of you may not have heard of. It is called a laser Doppler device. This device measures the microcir

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.I would like to
tell you ab▓out our

culation of our blood▓ vessels. As far as I know, this is the first time that China

in-orbit gravity-free ca

has tested it in space.The biggest difference between a CDS exp

rdio▓vascular experiments

eriment in space and one on the ground is ultrasound. Under ze

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